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Muruta Azrael
13 May 2013 @ 04:55 pm

Concrit post.  How am I playing Azrael? Contact me here or drop me a line on AIM at docmilbury.
Muruta Azrael
19 May 2011 @ 02:29 pm
User Name/Nick: Milbury
User LJ: None
AIM/IM: [AIM] docmilbury
E-mail: docmilbury at gmail dot com
Other Characters: David [sixthanimorph]

Character Name: Muruta Azrael
Series: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
Age: 30
From When?: After his very messy death via Lohengrin cannon in PHASE-49: The Final Light.

Inmate/Warden: Inmate, inmate, inmate. Muruta Azrael hits just about every negative archetype of the past century or two dead on. He is insular and xenophobic to destructive extremes; he is cheerfully genocidal; he is irresponsible in the manner of a man who doesn't think he will have to answer for any of his actions to anyone; he is ruthless in the way of big business at its worst; and he considers every person who is not himself a thing, a resource to be used. He so skirts the line of irredemability but in the end he is a human being, and even the worst human beings are capable of being redeemed.

Item: N/A

Abilities/Powers: Azrael is a proud 'Natural' with no superhuman abilities of any stripe. As far as non-superhuman abilities go, he is an exceptional orator with a knack for perusasion and an almost uncanny ability to bend those around him to his wishes. He is particularly skilled at playing to fanatics, as they make up the bulk of Blue Cosmos. He has some knowledge of engineering and mechanics, as he was the president of a weapons-manufacturing conglomerate and oversaw the production of three revolutionary new mobile suits: the Raider Gundam, Forbidden Gundam, and Calamity Gundam. He also demonstrated a solid ability to make decisions under fire, despite his decided inability to keep his cool while making those decisions. Despite his genocidal intent, Azrael's decisive action arguably saved the Earth from the ZAFT superweapon G.E.N.E.S.I.S.

Personality: [Please write at least 5 solid paragraphs. The more depth and detail, the better! Keep in mind that other players will use this section to determine if your character is a good match for potential Warden/Inmate pairings, and this may be their first exposure to your character. You might also include how they are going to react to the Barge. Please write this in complete sentences, and in paragraphs as you would in any normal area of the application. Do not divide into sections and label each with adjectives. This makes it seem choppy and harder to read.]

Path to Redemption: Redeeming Azrael will be a Herculean task. He sees himself as the highest authority and has been set in his racist views for decades, and whatever warden he's assigned to will have to chip away at those views bit by bit. Part of the problem is that he doesn't see himself at all as a bad person, just one who does what must be done. To redeem Azrael he'll have to be shown that his actions have far more negative consequences than positive ones, not just for Coordinators but for the very Naturals he claims to protect. A good example of this behavior is what Azrael did after obtaining the N-Jammer Canceller technology: immediately armed a battalion of mobile armors with nukes and returned to space to wage war, though the N-Jammers had still cut off power around the world and millions on Earth could have benefited if Azrael had taken a less hawkish view of things for a few seconds and distributed the N-Jammer technology to destitute nations.

Another way to reach Azrael would be to appeal to his more altruistic qualities. He and his family were ardent enviromentalists (and Blue Cosmos was even a futuristic Sea Shepherd before the Coordinators existed) and Azrael is still a stark believer in protecting Earth. His hatred of Coordinators stems largely from his childhood, and overcoming his deep-seated issues of inferiority and resentment would go a long way towards breaking down his unyielding attitude that any 'unnaturally born' human (Coordinators mostly, but even clones and children conceived in vitro fall under Azrael's banner of intolerance) are abominations and undeserving of life.

Muruta Azrael was born in the year CE 41 to the man who founded enviromental pressure group Blue Cosmos. As a child, Azrael was given every possible advantage: born into a family of immense wealth and political influence, attended a prestigious prep school, then the best colleges Earth had to offer. Muruta became a millionaire in his own right at a very early age; while he was playing in Little League, the boy personally owned a million shares of his father's weapons manufacturing conglomerate. Yet this tremendously privileged upbringing was marred by a dark secret: the prep school Azrael attended admitted the first generation of 'Coordinators', artificially engineered human beings with enhanced physical and mental capabilities. Azrael was a young overachiever driven by his parents to be the best, yet he was consistently overshadowed by his Coordinator peers, who he simply could not compete with. This overshadowing grew to bullying, driving Azrael to confront his mother tearfully and demand why he had not been made a Coordinator himself. His mother viciously slapped him and told him never to say such a thing again, because Coordinators were filthy. Azrael took those words deeply to heart: indeed, they shadowed the rest of his life.

Azrael spent the next twenty years working his way up the ladder of influence. By the time he was thirty, he had become the president of the Azrael Conglomerate and held a chair on the Defense Industry Association, an unheard-of achievement for one so young (all the other chairmen were at least twenty years older than him). He had also taken his father's place as leader of Blue Cosmos, which had shifted its focus from enviromental conservation to a radical anti-Coordinator agenda. Advised by an enigmatic young man named Rau Le Creuset, Azrael began using Blue Cosmos to execute terrorist attacks against Coordinators, driving almost all Coordinators off of Earth. The Copernicus Tragedy, believed to be the work of Coordinators, further spurred Azrael to abandon restraint, and he was personally responsible for ordering the nuclear strike that destroyed agricultural colony Junius Seven. 243,721 people were killed in this incident, which was dubbed the Bloody Valentine Massacre.

As the Earth Alliance and ZAFT (the military arm of the Coordinators) plunged into open warfare, Azrael was an unseen but influential figure. His political clout enabled him to influence the Alliance's battlefield decisions, and with the aid of Rau Le Creuset, who had now become a decorated ZAFT soldier, Azrael was able to keep the Alliance on an even footing with their technoloically superior enemies. After receiving information from Rau on the true target of ZAFT's Operation Spitbreak, Azrael and his subordinates constructed a Cyclops System beneath their Alaska headquarters, JOSH-A. Azrael cunningly ceded control of JOSH-A to his political rivals, who were all massacred along with the bulk of ZAFT's fighting forces. Hundreds of thousands more lives were lost.

Unfortunately, JOSH-A's mass driver was destroyed, making the Alliance's victory a pyrrhic one. It was at this point that Azrael stepped into the public for the first time, convincing Alliance leadership to allow him to 'persuade' the neutral Orb Union to allow the use of their mass driver, the only one not under ZAFT control. His aggressive demands were rejected by Orb, just as he hoped, allowing him to send in his secret weapons: three new mobile suits, piloted by 'biological CPUs' conditioned to fight on an even level with Coordinators. Despite the Orb Union's resistance, Azrael's forces overwhelmed them and Orb leader Uzumi Nara Athha chose to sacrifice himself and most of Orb's leadership to destroy the mass driver, giving Azrael nothing but another pyrrhic victory.

Fortunately for Azrael and the Alliance, EA Captain William Sutherland recaptured Victoria Base, and with it one of the ZAFT-held mass drivers. Intrigued by the power of two machines he observed during the Orb battles, Azrael decided to go into space personally along with his new machines, which had been assigned to the Archangel-class battleship Dominion. Dominion's assigned captain was Natarle Badgiruel, who had previously been the XO of the Archangel, a rogue Alliance ship. Azrael met with Badgiruel, complimenting her and hoping her familiarity with the Archangel would enable them to destroy it. Though given no official power aboard the Dominion, Azrael quickly began usurping Natarle's role, asserting his authority over her and issuing commands as though he himself were the ship's captain.

After an unproductive first engagement with the Archangel, the Dominion recovered a ZAFT life pod sent to the Alliance by his old ally, Rau Le Creuset. The pod's occupant was Frey Allster, a prisoner-of-war who had been given a "key" by Rau which he claimed would end the war. After his Calamity Gundam retrieved the pod, Azrael discovered that the "key" was in fact a data disk containing schematics of ZAFT's N-Jammer Canceller technology allowing him to exit the battle with his primary objective fulfilled. Returning to Earth, Azrael conviced Alliance leadership to allow him to mobilize nuclear weapons against the ZAFT again. With nukes once again at his command, Azrael's forces utterly annihlated the space fortress Boaz, leaving only Jachin Due under ZAFT control.

ZAFT retaliated against the Alliance with their superweapon, a gamma radiation machine called G.E.N.E.S.I.S. which wiped out half the Alliance's forces in a single shot. Witnessing G.E.N.E.S.I.S's raw power horrified Azrael, and the thought of such a weapon being used on Earth drove him to mobilize what was left of his ravaged forces against ZAFT in a desperate attempt to destroy G.E.N.E.S.I.S. before it could fire again. Unfortunately, Azrael's hatred of Coordinators overshadowed his actions, and he ordered the few remaining nukes to be launched at the civilian PLANT colonies instead of G.E.N.E.S.I.S. to inflict maximum casualty rate on the Coordinators. Captain Badgiruel, a level-headed strategist, objected to these orders, driving an increasingly-deranged Azrael to pull a gun on her, asserting his authority once again and cowing the rest of the Dominion's crew into submission. When the Archangel came into view, he ordered the crew to destroy the ship full of traitors once and for all.

Unfortunately for him, Frey Allster - herself a former crewmember of the Archangel - warned the enemy ship of the impending danger, driving a furious Azrael to pistol whip her and attempt to execute her on the spot. Captain Badgiruel intervened, saving Frey and ordering the rest of the crew to abandon ship. Badgiruel attempted to keep Azrael from evacuating himself, prompting him to shoot her no less than five times. Though grievously injured, Badgiruel was able to lock down the bridge, trapping Azrael inside with her. Desperate to win, Azrael played his last card: manning the Dominion's weapons himself, he fired the ship's Lohengrin cannons on the prone Archangel. However, his last gambit was foiled by Strike Gundam pilot Mwu La Flaga, who sacrificed his life to protect the Archangel from Azrael's attack. Before he could fire again, the Archangel counterattacked with its own Lohengrin cannons, vaporizing Azarel and Badgiruel together.

Sample Journal Entry: [5-10 Sentences]
Sample RP: [3-5 paragraphs, 3rd Person POV]

Special Notes:
Muruta Azrael
15 May 2011 @ 12:49 pm